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With personalized coaching, you’ll gain the skills you need to communicate successfully in all kinds of situations, from informal discussions and meetings to stand-up presentations. Coaching is custom-tailored to your needs, schedule and budget—you won’t be put through a cookie-cutter program. Billing is by the hour and sessions are scheduled at mutual convenience. You use and pay for only the coaching you need.

Coaching Locations

I’ll come to your place of business or we can meet at my location in downtown Seattle. Or save time and money with our Distance Coaching option.

Coaching For Successful Presentations

It doesn’t matter how far along you are in your preparation—coaching can help you save time and effort while developing a superior presentation. I’ll help you plan and organize your material to best connect with your listeners, transform your PowerPoint from a dull bullet-point list into a forceful tool that gets your message across clearly and forcefully. And we can video-record and review your rehearsal to polish your skills, reduce anxiety and boost confidence. 

Coaching For Effective Communication Skills

Communication skills coaching can boost your effectiveness in meetings, pitches and interpersonal interaction. Learn how your work and communication styles impact others, how their styles affect you, and discover how to communicate more productively with colleagues, clients and customers in all types of settings. [Possible link here More about communication styles]

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I just wanted to give you a big thank you for helping us get ready for our presentation. We incorporated all of your suggestions and were blown away by how well it worked. Thank you very, very much..”           

—The Collins Group, Seattle, WA

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