Comments from Clients

  1. My presentation went phenomenally well; received a plethora of compliments. I owe it all to you. Thank you very much for all of your invaluable guidance. Your assistance helped very much in the logical organization of the material, its flow, and key points.

  2. The convention went very well. The staff presentations were much better than they have been in the past, thanks to you.

—American Institute of Steel Construction

  1. Very useful. Anything that can teach us numbers people to focus on the big picture when talking to clients will be useful.

—Economic And Engineering Services

  1. I will say that your insight and comments have been fabulous.  My most recent presentations have gone extremely well and I do thank you for your time and expertise!

  2. — CleverSet Inc.

  3. [The person you coached] has been promoted. The work that you did with her was hugely important to her development. People, both colleagues and clients, noticed a huge difference.


  1. Thanks very much for your help with the presentation.  I was tickled that an "old dog" (me) could learn some new tricks!

  2. —Milliman

  3. At the moment we asked you to join our team, we faced the difficult task of presenting ourselves in an hour-long interview. To win, we needed to best three very powerful competitors. Your personal contribution was a major factor in our success.

  4. The work you did coaching our project manager significantly improved the quality of his presentation. We know from the feedback we received that the confidence and poise he showed in the heat of the interview was a significant factor in the decision to select our team.

—TRA.Black & Veach Airport Consulting

  1. The CLE went great!! Many people said it was one of the best ethics CLE ever presented.

—Socius Law Group

  1. Thank you for your excellent PowerPoint program. I had numerous attendees remark upon how many helpful suggestions the program provided. I always have a high degree of confidence when you are the presenter that our lawyers’ and staff’s time will be well spent. Their comments consistently reinforce that confidence. The presentation was easy to follow, devoid of technical jargon, and addressed the particular needs and interests expressed by those attending. For a 90 minute presentation, it was well-paced and did not at any time begin to feel too lengthy.

  2. —Foster Pepper Schefelman

  3. Thanks for your help in preparing; you had many good suggestions. The seminar went well. My audience reviews were the highest overall! In fact, I got a small piece of work based on a person seeing the presentation; I also got a request from a client to reprise the presentation for a regional meeting.

  4. The presentation went great and I got the business.

  5. —Davis Wright Tremaine

  6. I want to let you know that you greatly exceeded people's expectations and gathered a lot of very positive comments about the process and content. A great success in a challenging situation. Thank you!

—Training Resources for the Environmental Community

  1. Your training completely changed the way I think about giving presentations and I want our coalition partners to benefit from that same training.

—Alaska Conservation Foundation


My boss was ecstatic! I was the only speaker of the whole seminar to get the high-five from the regional manager as I left the podium.”           

Time Warner

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