Whether you’re preparing for an important presentation, seeking powerful, proven training for a group, or wish you could communicate more effectively with colleagues and clients, SpeechPower can help you get the results you want. All training and coaching is done by founder and president, Susan Thompson.

Susan Thompson

has been helping people become confident, effective communicators for over 25 years. A gifted coach and masterful teacher, Susan brings her experience, skills, humor and caring to everyone she works with.

Susan will help you or your group:

  1. Plan, prepare and organize effective presentations, quickly and efficiently.

  2. Connect with your listeners and get their buy-in, even with resistant or difficult audiences.

  3. Communicate complex or technical information clearly and effectively to both technical and non-technical audiences.

  4. Polish your skills and reduce anxiety, to speak confidently and naturally.

  5. Master the techniques to make PowerPoint a forceful speaker’s tool instead of a crutch.

  6. Assess the strengths and challenges of your own communication style, and the styles of others, to communicate successfully and work productively with colleagues and clients.

  7. Conduct meetings that engage the participants and achieve desired goals, while minimizing discord and wasted time. 

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“My presentation went phenomenally well; I received a plethora of compliments. I owe it all to you. Thank you very much for all of your invaluable guidance.”

—AISC, Chicago, IL

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